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Video Surveillance: Protection and Security

Modern security goes beyond the standard video infrastructure. Today’s advanced technology allows operators to become the eyes and ears of buildings, enabling them to not only protect visitors and assets, but also achieve operational excellence.

"Video surveillance has become so important for the security of your infrastructure and it's important that these systems are installed and maintained properly." - Richard Osborn, Richmond CEO

Out With The Old - CCTV

Security cameras (CCTV) were the be-all and end-all of surveillance systems when they first came out. However, they were critically known for their poor video quality. They were especially notorious for failing to capture footage from a far distance.

In With The New - Cutting-Edge Tech

Our high-definition systems let you tilt, pan, and zoom cameras and view live and recorded video on-site or remotely through the internet or LAN. It feels as if you're right there as it happens.

With high-definition image and video, never worry about blurry footage or indistinguishable facial features again.

Video Surveillance Solutions Include:
  • Covert Cameras with NVR/DVR Storage

  • Infrared and Day/Night Cameras

  • LCD Monitors

  • Megapixel IP Cameras

  • PTZ Dome Cameras

When you install a surveillance solution, you are looking for more than visibility. You want to alleviate concern and strengthen peace of mind in the face of day-to-day activities and unforeseen events. To achieve that, your video security system should give you the tools and confidence to protect products, places, and, most importantly, people.

RICHMOND Communications Group offers Seamless and Scalable Business Integrations that WORK. This is WHY Richmond is the celebrated networking partner for over 25 Successful Years.

Connect with RICHMOND for your best business solution at 972-241-1982.

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10 hours ago

Video surveillance keeps places safe by watching for any trouble all the time. When you add locksmith services, you get strong locks and better control over who can enter. Locksmiths can help make sure the locks and cameras work well together, giving you complete security for your property.

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