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The VISIX VX-2M-CPIR-IAW: A Multi-Sensor, Multi-Function Camera

What is a multi-sensor camera?

Multi-sensor cameras provide panoramic viewing using multiple image sensors to do so. This multi-sensor design has a number of advantages:

A Seamless Composite View from Multiple High-Quality Streams

Each sensor in a multi-sensory camera records its own footage, providing a greater level of detail across a wider coverage area, anywhere from 180° to 360° field of view.

Unique Zoom Capabilities & Longer Field of View (FoV)

Each sensor within a multi-sensor camera can be used to zoom in on specific areas. The result is that a single multi-sensor camera can provide more flexibility and detailed coverage within the FoV than even multiple single-sensor cameras can.

Less Installation Time, Cabling, and Cost

In most environments, security teams need fewer multi-sensor cameras to achieve the same coverage they might get from a higher number of fixed, single-sensor cameras. This translates to lower installation costs, including less cabling, less installation time overall and, with fewer units needed, decreased maintenance costs down the road.

VISIX: All-In-One Functionality

The 3xLOGIC VISIX VX-2M-CPIR-IAW camera is a cube style, 2MP camera that goes far beyond being an IP video camera. A truly capable solution featuring built-in Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors, 2-way audio, and digital I/O allow the Multi-Sensor to be a feature-rich IP camera, alarm annunciator and audio system all in one small unit.

Using a combination of features, you can unlock the true potential of the VISIX Multi-Sensor Camera.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Lens (2.8mm Fixed, F2.0)​

  • Resolution (2 MegaPixel)​

  • 1920 x 1080 @ 30FPS ​

  • H.264, H.265, MJPEG​

  • 110° Angle of View ​

  • 10m IR Range​

  • Two-Way Audio Capable​

  • IR Cut Filter with Auto Switch​

  • 4-Year Warranty ​

  • Base Analytics​

You can combine PIR and pixel-based motion detection to decrease false motion alarms and use 2-way audio to communicate with a site. With dual-streaming compression, you can record at the highest quality while allowing fast live viewing from anywhere in the world, regardless of available bandwidth.

You can utilize the cameras optional edge recording for a true all-in-one solution or couple it with the VIGIL™ Series of Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Video Management System (VMS) software for superior point-to-point hardware compression and decompression, allowing for maximum performance of streamed live video, better video quality, concurrent streams and a lower overall hit to CPU performance.

The 3xLOGIC VISIX VX-2M-CPIR-IAW is a great solution for your surveillance and recording needs with its multiple features and advanced capabilities.

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