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Integrated Access Control for Every Business

Cost-Effective Security

Take control of building security with Access Control Systems.  Richmond designs and installs systems that fit your business requirements. Affordable, customizable and outdoor friendly, our systems ensure a safe environment for your employees, customers and partners.

Customized for Your Needs

Whether you want to control access to a single room or the entire company on multiple floors, Richmond will design a system with your specifications and budget in mind. Our technicians are fully trained and certified by the State of Texas. Our installations come with warranties and service requests are usually completed within 24 hours.

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IP Access Control Systems

Biometric Readers

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Security and Video Integration

Email and Text Notifications

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Scalable Access Control Systems

Smart Phone Credentials

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Cloud-Based Management Solutions

Remote Access


The perfect complement to video surveillance, as part of a comprehensive security solution.

IP Access Control Systems
  • Scalable Access Control System

  • Security and Video Integration

  • Cloud Based Management Solutions

Biometric Readers
  • Smart Phone Credentials

  • Email and Text Notifications

  • Remote Access

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