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Harness the Power of Ambient Sound to Boost Productivity

Why Sound Masking?

In many environments that require speech privacy, employee concentration, or both, there’s simply not enough background sound (also called ambient sound), leaving occupants trying to work in a pin-drop environment.


In fact, the background sound level in most offices is so low you can easily hear conversations and noise from up to 50 feet (15 meters) away.

These distractions make it difficult to concentrate. It takes more effort to focus, which tires you out, affecting your mood and, ultimately, your productivity. In addition, confidential conversations can easily be overheard, making employees and visitors nervous about talking.

What is Sound Masking

A sound masking system consists of a series of loudspeakers installed in a grid-like pattern in the ceiling, as well as a method of controlling those speakers’ output.

The loudspeakers distribute an engineered background sound, raising the facility’s ambient level in a highly controlled fashion.

Benefits of sound masking
  • Noise control

  • Speech privacy

  • Improved productivity

  • Lower project costs

  • Facility flexibility

  • Quick ROI


The Sound of Productivity Creates Waves Within Businesses.


Integrative Features, Customized for Your Business Needs

  • Automated Volume Adaption - Volume increases during noise peak periods and decreases during more quiet periods

  • Automated Equalizer - Makes adjustments on its own to fit the acoustics of the environment

  • Networked Masking - Controlled using a central platform which reduces installation costs

  • Integrated Paging - Save costs by integrating your Paging System

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