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Enjoy Clear Sound and a Long Life Span Out of Your
Paging System

Problems/Pain Points

Paging systems are an effective way to disseminate concise information at a moment's notice. It plays an important role when you need to keep everyone in the building up to date with the latest broadcast or to signal and provide instructions in an emergency. Designing these systems requires several considerations. Are there contained speaker zones such as warehouse paging not affecting conference rooms? Does the ambient sound stop playing when paging is in use? Does the paging system support “talk back”?

Our Solution

The Richmond team can customize a unique paging system that caters to your budget and business. We have designed a complete paging system for Bogen 70 volt and Valcom 24 volt systems — two of the industry's biggest brands. We will map out a tailored layout of your paging system and speakers to ensure high-quality sound delivery wherever you need it.

The sound of a productivity creates waves within businesses.

Richmond can help you with:

  • Sound system layout and design

  • Intercom talk-back system configuration

  • Multi-zone sound system installation

  • Interior and exterior paging system

  • Telephone system paging

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