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5 Benefits of Room-to-Room Intercom Systems

Room-to-room intercom systems are designed to make it easier for your business to communicate instantly with employees. While phone systems have their place, intercoms offer an alternate communication option, one that’s more immediate, with fewer complications and more options. You can even invest in a smart intercom system that will work with smartphones and other internet-enabled devices

If you’re on the fence about installing a room-to-room intercom in your business, consider the benefits and how they’ll improve productivity and security:

1. Quickly Reach Anyone You Need

These systems are ideal for quick messages, such as asking someone to check their email for an important notification, a quick meeting with someone or to show them something, such as a defect in a product.

2. Send Out General And Emergency Announcements

Phone systems don’t usually allow office-wide announcements. With the press of a an intercom button, you can make a general announcement, directing staff to specific room or make emergency announcements simpler. A quick announcement over the intercom system tells everyone in the company what the situation or emergency is and how to respond.

3. Control Access To Certain Areas

To avoid giving out numerous key cards to employees, use an intercom system to allow or deny access. It’s a simple yet highly effective security measure. Only a select few employees get full-time access to areas. When someone else needs to enter, they request permission via the intercom. The employees inside press a button to temporarily open the door.

4. Complement Surveillance Systems

Intercom systems work well with surveillance systems allowing for instant response when someone appears to be in an area they don't belong. Via the intercom, simply inquire about their presence there and provide direction, if necessary. In the case of an emergency, such as needing to evacuate or seeing an intruder, anyone watching the surveillance cameras can inform employees of what to do and where to go.

5. Work Alongside Remote Monitoring Or Guards

Remote monitoring and/or on-site guards are essential security measures. Intercom systems make these security precautions even more effective by allowing another way for the guards to communicate and quicker notification of any issues.

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