Sound Masking/Paging Systems

A sound business environment

Sound Masking/Paging Systems - DallasCreating a comfortable working environment often involves controlling sound, whether it be to cover up, or mask unwanted sounds, or to create different sound zones in an open plan office. Richmond understands that you and your employees want to be able to go about your day-to-day work without unnecessary noise pollution or disturbance, or in an uncomfortably silent space.

The sound of a productivity creates waves within businesses

Introducing artificial or natural sound can eliminate awareness of pre-existing sounds, thus enabling employees to better concentrate and be more productive. Sound systems can be used to ensure private conversations are not overheard in public areas such as a waiting room or reception area. Sound can also be used to create a more conducive working environment in a too quiet space.

Business-friendly paging

Business Communication - IrvingFor employees to communicate more easily, Richmond has designed a complete paging system for Bogen 70 volt and Valcom 24 volt systems. All call paging, zoned paging, voice over IP, paging through a phone system, and security and life safety paging can be done through these systems.

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