Sound Masking System

Harness the power of ambient sound to boost productivity

Problems/Pain Points

Creating a comfortable working environment often involves controlling sound, whether to cover up noise, mask unwanted sounds, or create different sound zones in an open-plan office. Richmond understands that you want to go about your day-to-day work in a space that's not uncomfortably silent or polluted by noise and disturbances.

Our Solution

Improve productivity and boost concentration by introducing artificial or natural sound to eliminate awareness of pre-existing sounds. Our Sound Masking System uses ambient sound to ensure private conversations are not overheard in public areas, such as a waiting room or reception area. We also use sound to create a more conducive work environment in an extremely quiet space.

The sound of a productivity creates waves within businesses

Features of Richmond’s Sound Masking System include:
  • Automated Volume Adaption - Volume increases during noise peak periods and decreases during more quiet periods
  • Automated Equalizer - System makes adjustments on its own to fit the acoustics of the environment
  • Networked Masking - System is controlled via a central platform and reduces installation costs
  • Integrated Paging - Save costs by integrating your Paging System

Professionalism and attention to detail

We have worked with Richmond Communications for over 15 years and have trusted them to handle many complex structured wiring projects. With every project we give them, we know in advance they will come through with excellent results because of their professionalism and attention to detail.

I not only would recommend them, but have over the years more times than I can count.

David Dunagan
Strategic Support