Video Surveillance & Security

Protection for your business assets & peace of mind

Video Surveillance & Security - IrvingA safe and secure workplace is vital in protecting your business assets, as well as providing a sense of wellbeing and duty of care to employees. Not only that, but putting the right type of surveillance and security in place can act as a deterrent.

Tilt, pan & zoom!
View live and recorded video on site
or remotely through the Internet or a LAN

Regardless of the size of your company, your budget, or internal structure, Richmond provides customized solutions which offer appropriate protection for your business investments, such as:

  • Covert Cameras - DVRs - NVRs & Storage
  • LCD Monitors - Infrared & Day / Night Cameras
  • High Res Cameras - IP Mega Pixel
  • Domes - PTZ

Developments in surveillance technology mean that solutions are more accessible to more businesses than ever before. There are a myriad of options available and we ensure that your business is equipped with the most suitable system by partnering with quality manufacturers.

Is technology watching over your business?

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